Practical Exercises - Fine motor skills

Practical exercises help in hand and eye co-ordination and helps the children to achieve mastery of their movements.

Some of the ecercises are :

  • Folding Napkins
  • Pouring and Washing Activities
  • Sorting and Sieve Activities

Sensory Exercises

Everything in the classroom is for touching and exploring - helps in the refinement of all the senses.

Activities based on

  • Hearing
  • Smelling
  • Tasting
  • Seeing (dimension, colour, etc)
  • Touching
  • Art and Craft

Language & communication

Helps in each child's comfort with communicating and expressing ideas.

The Activities are :

  • Vocabulary games
  • Stories
  • Picture Talk
  • Informal Talk
  • Speech and Drama

Social & Emotional

Social and Emotional skills is an important focus in a child's development.

We try and help through :

  • Music and Movement
  • Action songs
  • Festivals and Celebrations
  • Daily Chores and Routines - active participation of the child


P It is an important demand of development - using tangible objects to represent abstract ideas.

Children are given the following :

  • Concrete materials used to develop concept of quantity
  • Sequencing, puzzles, matching, etc
  • Building materials

Physical Exercise - Gross motor skills

Structured programmes of movement and physical mastery of motion

Activities include :

  • Running, Exercising, Stretching, etc
  • Swinging, Balancing, Climbing, etc
  • Nature walk, Cycling, Crawling, Rocking, etc

Field Trips & Child's Project

Field trips help the adults to develop a rapport with the child and thereby make her independent

Child's Project in the form of display file to show child's work at school

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