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Physical Education

Enrichment Program at Harry’sKids

Our programs represent the beginning steps toward opening the doors of self-expression. From creating simple compositions to performing in a staged musical, our interactive Music program develops both the kinesthetic and musical intelligences, and gives children numerous opportunities to perform for others.
At Harry's Kids Play School, we strongly believe that each child is a unique person and imbibes social, physical and intellectual behaviour over a period of time.
The goal in the Art curriculum is to create enthusiasm and appreciation for fine arts and for the student artists’ growth through a natural progression of experiences. The children learn to apply numerous methods (drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, printmaking) to create art. They are encouraged to evaluate their feelings and experiences resulting in continuous improvements in technique and further exploration of alternative methods.ine in creating the perfect atmosphere for the children to 'react' in and pick up the basic skills. At our play schools, there are no formal classrooms, just thematic rooms like an aqua room, audio-visual room, art and craft room and so on.

Our Physical Education program offers a wide variety of challenging physical activities and sports. Team building and skill development at the individual, as well as the group level, are emphasized.

Activities for Children

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