About us

Harry Pascal Education Society was established in 2011 with an objective to promote Excellence in Early Childhood Education, disseminate knowledge at all stages of playgroup, nursery, pre-school, secondary and other allied fields. .

At Harry Pascal Education Society, we strive to promote, encourage and conduct all the activities relating to the promotion of Arts, Science, Sports, yoga, Music, dance, spiritual knowledge, cultural talent test and other similar activities both at National and International levels. - a creative learning centre.

Meet Our Founder

Loretta Lewis
Director - Training & Development Harry's International Teacher's Training Institute

    Loretta Lewis our Founder and Director- a trained early childhood educator , is a well known name in the field of early childhood education in Hyderabad . Propelled by her vision, Harry Pascal Educational Society has become a gateway for teachers training and their school , Harry's Kids has made a difference in the way children learn by introducing innovative learning strategies, fun-filled activities and an engaging curriculum.

    Equipped with a master’s degree in English Literature Loretta started her teachers training with a dream of making a much needed difference in the way teachers should teach early learners.

    Her 15 years of experience and passion for her work has been a major contribution in the success of Harry's Kids play school.

Harry's Services:

  • Pre School and Daycare Services.
  • After bell activities
  • Teachers Training /Early Childhood Education/PPTTC
  • Evening club for children

What areas of development does Harry’s Kid’s curriculum focus On?

If you have ever observed a class of pre-schoolers, it may look to you like a few hours of playtime punctuated by snacks, rest time and a few story hours. However, a good preschool program works on developing your Child's skills in the following areas

Health and Safety
Developing good habits in Health care, personal awareness, safety, hygiene and self-help skillsDeveloping good habits in Health care, personal awareness, safety, hygiene and self-help skills
Thinking and Reasoning skills
Thinking skills that include learning, understanding, problem solving, reasoning and remembering.
Language Development
Speaking, using body language and gestures, communication and understanding what others say.
Gross motor and Fine motor skills
Gross motor is using large group of muscles to sit, stand, walk & run, keeping balance and change positions. Fine motor skills are using hands, to be able to eat, draw, dress, play, write and do many other things.
Practicing positive Socio-emotional behaviour's
Interacting with others, having relationships with family, friends and teachers, cooperating and responding to the feeling of others.

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