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Practical Exercises

Practical exercises help in hand and eye co-ordination and helps the children to achieve mastery of their movements.

Sensory Exercises

Everything in the classroom is for touching and exploring - helps in the refinement of all the senses.

Physical Excercises

Structured programes of movement and physical mastery of motion

Social & Emotion

Social and Emotional skills is an important focus in a child's development.


It is an important demand of development - using tangible objects to represent abstract ideas.

Language & Communication

Helps in each child's comfort with communicating and expressing ideas.

Field Trips

Field trips help the adults to develop a rapport with the child and thereby make her independent

Childrens Projects

Child's Project in the form of display file to show child's work at school

Video Gallery

  • Role play

  • Happy and cheerful mornings

  • Summer camp 2014

Harry's Kids Play School

Why Harry's Kids?

Active Family Involvement

We at Harrys understand the importance of parents role in the preschool stage.

Parents involvement increases their interaction and discussion with their children and are more responsive and sensitive to their children's social, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs.Hence it is our conscious effort to make parents our partners in nurchering the child.

Smaller Classes

No two children are alike. As varied and individual as our world around us, so are children and the way they learn. Our approach is to make our school a personal place to learn. A personal place to grow and receive a foundation for learning throughout life. Smaller class size is a necessity when it comes to being able to give the individual attention needed to instruct each child effectively.

Safe and Accountable Environment

Harry’s kids believes that elementary school will always be about teaching the basic, foundational skills that a child needs for education and for life. Our instruction is focused toward the needs of each child in an atmosphere that is emotionally and physically safe, academically driven and values based. We are dedicated to building character and confidence in each child.

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